Published by Cindy on June 27, 2017

Tips for a Tidier House

When you bring home your newborn baby, their need becomes the top-most priority in your life. Not only do you need to be alert at all times, but also drop everything the moment you hear your baby’s wailing. And, why wouldn’t you? This little one is completely dependent on you. Taking care of a baby…

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Published by Cindy on June 23, 2017

Teething and Remedies

Teething occurs any time between 3- 6 months or even during your baby’s first year. Each baby shows symptoms differently, while some show them weeks before the first tooth emerges, others may show no signs at all. But, one thing that is true for them all is the fact that teething is a very painful…

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Published by Cindy on June 19, 2017


During pregnancy, your body changes and works really hard to keep your and your baby safe and healthy. Just because your baby is here doesn’t mean your body will stop changing, absolutely not. There are more changes to come (and that you need to keep a track of, to make sure you have a clean…

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Published by Cindy on June 15, 2017


As parents, we want to do the best for our kids. We don’t want to see them sad or upset, we want them to still be kids and not grow up too fast. But, we can’t stop time, and we definitely can’t stop our kids from growing up. While we may be required to undertake…

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Published by Cindy on June 11, 2017


From food to decorations to planning the perfect first birthday outfit, planning the first birthday can be a little overwhelming. The urge to splurge on cute party decorations, toys, and outfits for the little one is almost irresistible, but it’s worthy to note that your baby won’t even remember it. First Birthdays are mostly just…

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Published by Cindy on June 7, 2017


“To err is human” is an immortal saying. And in my opinion, it has never been more apt than when it comes to parenting. It is human nature to mess up, learn and grow from our mistakes and experiences. When we were younger we understood the difference between right and wrong through our own experiences….

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Published by Cindy on June 3, 2017


When babies reach the 9-12 month bracket, they become more interactive and mobile; you can slowly start understanding their personality! This also means that play-times tend to get slightly more creative. They’ve graduated to chewing on any available soft rubber items (even shoes!), trying to take the covers off the electrical sockets, or just climbing…

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Published by Cindy on May 31, 2017


Although most women make breastfeeding look like a breeze, when you’re getting started it can be quite tricky. It’s helpful to find out all you can about breastfeeding before your baby is born. Breastfeeding is very beneficial to the baby and to you as well. Once you get past the initial trial-and-error days of finding…

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Published by Cindy on May 24, 2017


Shopping for your baby is an exciting task. But let’s face it—when you’re faced with the innumerable options, it can be very daunting. Babies need stuff, and the need a lot of it, which often leads to new mommies winding up with a trillion of unnecessary stuff and not much of the necessities. One hard…

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Published by Cindy on May 17, 2017


The first few days of rain are fun. You can stay in and cosy up with your kids and relax. But for the little one’s it gets to be a bit boring after only one day! There are filled with restless energy, and can’t even go outside to play and get rid of it. Staying…

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