About me

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am Cindy and this is a place for me to discuss my life as the parent to two angelic (and sometimes not so angelic) kids. I hope that you enjoy it.

Parenting… is an adventure that I am lucky to be part of. It’s extremely rewarding and full of surprises. To see your little one slowly grow up to be tiny human, is something indescribable. But, it also has it’s not so great and extremely frustrating moments.

When I was expecting Lara, I thought I knew all about what parenting would entail. After all, I had all the experience that I could need with Sam, right? Wrong. So wrong.

What I learned is that parenting is different each time. Even during the stage where they are just squirmy little things. The differences in their personalities are apparent even at an early stage. Handling a toddler and newborn can be challenging sometimes (like dealing with an infant and the terrible twos both at the same time), but it does have its good moments. My day is usually filled with a lot of screaming, a million cups of coffee, chores, laughter and trying to think of different ways to keep my toddler engaged while dealing with the little one’s demands. It’s tricky. Hopefully, through this blog and people that I meet here, I will figure out the perfect formula eventually.

This blog is mostly going to be filled with activities to keep boredom away, baby stories, and other tidbits of parenting that I have discovered, which you will hopefully appreciate. Through this blog, I hope to share as well as discover and improve my parenting skills. This is a place where I can complain about my parenting woes (not often, I hope) and not be judged immediately.