Published by Cindy on October 4, 2017

The Small Joys of the World

Your first salary, your wedding, buying your first designer item and becoming a mum, these are amongst the few big moments in life that you will not forget easily. When you look back on these moments, you realise how happy you were. Sadly, we can’t have that happiness forever. While these big moments are great, experiencing them on a daily basis would be exhausting. But, to you can find happiness in the small everyday things too. Sometimes, all you need to do is just sit back and truly observe how lucky you are to be able to experience such things. It truly is refreshing and helps me get a new perspective on life whenever I am down. While in the grand scheme of things these events may be insignificant, but today, they mean the world. Here are a few things that help bring joy into my everyday life:

  1. Singing along to your favourite song. As loud as you can, obviously. Bonus points if you get to dance around using any household item that you find as a microphone. No matter your age, this will never fail to happy you up.
  2. Meeting up with a close friend after a long while just to have good, long chat about the silliest things possible, unwinding and letting go of your worries for a while. The spring in your step that a good chat with an old friend provides is a feeling like no other.
  3. Discovering an old favourite item of clothing that you had completely forgotten about. I don’t know about you but, personally, when I have a favourite pair of jeans or a top or any other such item that I absolutely adore, I wear it almost every single time that I go out. Until I am embarrassed to wear it anymore because there are SO MANY pictures of me in the same item of clothing. So, I put it in the back of my closet and completely forget about it until if unearth it again after a couple of months. But finding them again is the best feeling ever.
  4. Being able to tick off every single item that you had on your to-do list. God, this must be a universal source of happiness. Even if you (perhaps) disagree with me on the others, you cannot deny the thrill that you get when you have completed all tasks that you were supposed to do. I mean, it happens so rarely that it, definitely, is always a welcome surprise.
  5. Buying yourself some fresh flowers. Okay, I absolutely love flowers. Especially, having fresh ones all over my house. They not only look pretty by themselves but also change the entire feel of your house. Why wait for someone else to give them to you when you can easily buy the ones you love, yourself?
  6. Climbing onto your comfortable bed at the end of the day…with freshly laundered sheets. Oh, that truly is the best feeling ever. After you’ve had a long and relaxing bath or a shower after an exhausting day, climbing onto a bed with fresh, clean new sheets feels like heaven earth.