Published by Cindy on July 22, 2017


When you’re pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes. I cannot count how many times I have said/written that sentence. But, honestly, a truer sentence has never been written. Your body is working double time now! Not only to protect you but also your unborn baby! These changes, of course, have outward symptoms. And one of the obvious one’s is your baby bump! There is usually a love-hate relationship that moms have with their baby bump. On the one hand, it is the tangible proof that your baby is growing safely, is healthy, and protected. But on the other hand, none of your clothes fit and the ones that do, are not comfortable at all.

Maternity clothes seem like a waste of money. Who wants to buy an entirely new selection of clothes for just a few months? While that may be true in case of a few trivial items, there are a few that you will need. Here, I have compiled a list of maternity clothes that you will be glad you spent your money on

  1. Pants: Yoga or workout pants may do an excellent job of serving you in the first few months of pregnancy. But you will need the added support that maternity pants offer you later on. Honestly, even just having two pairs will be sufficient for you. These are comfortable and provide you with the support you need.
  2. Tunics: Especially if you are going to be pregnant during the summer, these tunics will be a life saver for you. They can also be handy during springtime or fall. Owning one or two of these is more than enough, they are easy to just throw on and go outside, but make you look amazingly put-together!
  3. Nursing bras: Even if you are not planning on breastfeeding your child, these will be your best friend. Personally, a few night nursing bras that I had purchased were the only ones I used, and in fact, still use to this day.
  4. Nursing tanks and cami: in a nursing tank or cami, bras are usually built in. So you can forego wearing a bra if you buy a pair or two of these. They are especially useful during the summer months. The keep you comfortable and cool despite the scorching sun and are extremely easy to wear. They will practically become a constant in your lazy, relax-only days.
  5. Maternity shirts: Though it is not necessary that you buy a completely new wardrobe to dress your bump, maternity shirts will come in handy for you.
  6. Extras: These items are nice to have but not completely necessary for you to purchase. Skirts, this is quite obvious, and honestly, they come in use even if you aren’t pregnant. No one likes to have their legs confined in denim prisons. Dresses are not only comfortable as skirts but make you look pretty and dressed up without any additional help. A pair or two comfortable shoes, swollen feet need a comfy pair of friends, so make sure to try them on and test them before buying!