Published by Cindy on July 7, 2017


Babies, as we know, need a lot of stuff! When you bought your diaper bag, you probably didn’t think it would be bursting at the seam with the innumerable that you are sure your baby needs. No one wants any ‘accidents’ catching them off-guard when they’re in the middle of the shopping mall. But packing the perfect diaper bag (which is has all the essentials and is easy on your shoulder) is an art which is quite hard to perfect. You end up with a bag so full ‘necessary’ items that it seems like you’re Mary Poppins herself (without all that extra space). So here is a checklist of items that you might need when you’re out and having a baby emergency, designed so that you can handle all situations swiftly and efficiently.

All babies are different and might prefer different items when they are being fussy, don’t worry, they’ll make sure you know what they like, but this list features items that most babies need!

The Essential:

  1. Diapers: For new-borns it is a good idea to carry one diaper for every hour that you will be out.
  2. Wipes: Preferably carry them in a re-fillable plastic box instead of the re-sealable travel packs, they’re much easier to open.
  3. Diaper Disposal Bags:They’re useful in case there are no trash cans nearby and you need to carry the dirty diapers with you!
  4. Changing Pads:Most diaper bags usually come with a pad of their own, but if yours doesn’t choose one which has a wipe-off or washable cover. (in case of emergency you can easily use a cloth diaper or a towel, but remember that they aren’t waterproof and won’t do a good job of protecting furniture)
  5. Diaper rash cream: To protect the baby from rashes.
  6. Spare outfit: It’s always handy to have an extra outfit or two for your baby.
  7. Nursing Cover or Bottle:If you’re going to spend a long time outside, it is a good idea to carry a nursing cover (or a lightweight towel) if you’re breast-feeding. Otherwise either carry a bottle of water with powder formula dispenser or two separate bottles of water and formula.
  8. Bibs and Cloth Diaper rag:Even if your baby isn’t much of a spit-upper this is useful so that you are never taken by surprise.
  9. Your wallet, keys, and phone:The diaper bag is your purse. You will need all the essentials (transferred from your purse) here.


Each baby is different and so is each trip. You might have a few items that may be essential for your baby specifically at different stages (maybe their favourite blanket or teething toy). Or you might need to carry snacks, pacifiers or perhaps other toys to soothe your baby and keep them happy.

A useful tip is that it helps to make a small check-list of items to carry in your diaper bag so you can double check if you have everything.