Published by Cindy on July 3, 2017


When you’re packing a hospital bag, you aren’t just packing for yourself; you’re packing for the baby and your birth partner as well. Hence, it can be a little stressful. Here are a list of things that will help you pack and make it a hassle-free experience!

Make sure you carry a bag which is easy to use, see and access. A lumpy bag won’t help anyone during stressful moments. Use something in which you can store your belongings in accessible manner so that your birth partner is able to take out whatever you need easily and without your help.

For yourself:

  1. Your birth plan (if you have one), hospital forms and your insurance info
  2. Clothes; carrying an old nightgown for labour is essential they are likely to get messy so you needn’t worry about getting anything ‘nice’. Dark colours help hide any stains and a light-weight material is easy to wear and roam about in
  3. Maternity pads
  4. Nursing bras
  5. Breast pads
  6. A lot of spare underwear, the disposable ones come in handy
  7. Towel and toiletries; include only the basics like toothbrush, toothpaste, shower items and a deodorant.
  8. Hairbrush and hair clip/ties; you’re likely to be hot during labour and these will come in handy for those with long hair
  9. Make-up and/or lip balm; if you prefer not to wear make-up then carry along a pack of lip-balm in case of chapped lips
  10. Things to help you pass the time like books or magazines
  11. Back-less slipper that are easy to slip into

For your birth-partner:

  1. A change of clothes as your birth partner may be there with you for quite some time.
  2. Snacks and drinks, you will need your birth partner to be alert and with you at all moments, it helps to have snacks at the ready.
  3. Electronics such as a camera or a mobile phone to capture your first moments with your baby
  4. A hand-held fan or a bottle of water spray to help keep you cool during labour
  5. Bendy straws to help you drink something during labour

For your baby:

  1. A car seat is the most important item that you will need to make sure is in the car with you.
  2. A baby blanket will be useful, even though the hospital will likely be warm, it doesn’t hurt to have it with you just in case
  3. Nappies, your newborn will go through them in no time! Make sure to carry cotton wool balls instead of wipes as wipes are recommended only after 2-4 weeks of birth
  4. 2 or three sleep suits or vests
  5. Muslin squares or cloths to wipe up any spit-ups
  6. An outfit to take your baby home in (make sure it’s comfortable and easy to put your baby in)
  7. Hats
  8. Jackets for winter babies (make sure to remove it before placing your baby in the car seat)

One pair of booties or socks to keep their feet warm