Published by Cindy on June 7, 2017


“To err is human” is an immortal saying. And in my opinion, it has never been more apt than when it comes to parenting. It is human nature to mess up, learn and grow from our mistakes and experiences. When we were younger we understood the difference between right and wrong through our own experiences. We learn not to put our hand on a hot stove, not to run around right after eating a heavy meal and not to eat a lot of candy at once. These lessons are something we all learn the hard way.

Parenting is similar to this as well. There are some mistakes that we all make, I’ve compiled a list for you to look through and keep an eye out for

  1. Panicking over little things: When you’re a new parent this seems to be inevitable. You don’t know what’s ‘normal’ and what isn’t, or the correct way to set anything up. But, don’t worry too much about it, people around you will be more than happy to help you, and no, they won’t judge because they have probably gone through a similar situation themselves! Also, don’t let your panicking get in the way of you experiencing the wonderful moments. Your babies infant days won’t come back and you wouldn’t want to remember them as a panic filled haze, so make the most of it.
  2. Not letting your infant cry it out: As new parents, we take our infant crying as a sign of our failure, and we rush to console them every time. Of course, comforting your child is not a bad thing, but babies in their first year communicate by screaming or crying. You should make sure your baby actually needs you before dropping something important immediately and rushing over.
  3. Neglecting your baby’s dental hygiene: Infants are dependent on their parents for their oral hygiene maintenance. It’s very important to establish good dental hygiene from an early stage as gum and cavity problems are a real risk. Wet gauze is an effective way to wipe your infant’s gums clean. Fluoride is also essential for babies, some areas do not have fluoride already present in their drinking water, make sure to check yours.
  4. Setting up the car seat improperly: Always ensure that the car seat is secure and does not move or slide while the car is moving. It is a difficult task to perfect but stores like Babies-R-Us offer to show you how to do it right. Make use of these opportunities.
  5. Taking precautions when your infant has a fever: Anything above a 100.4 is a serious condition. Unless this occurs after your baby has got their immunizations, you should definitely check in with your paediatrician.

Getting confused between vomit and spit up: If a baby is feed too much and burped after, they may spit some of the food back up. This is known as ‘spit-up’, it may also be a sign of reflux. If your baby starts to vomit, and continues to vomit, contact your paediatrician.