Published by Cindy on June 3, 2017


When babies reach the 9-12 month bracket, they become more interactive and mobile; you can slowly start understanding their personality! This also means that play-times tend to get slightly more creative. They’ve graduated to chewing on any available soft rubber items (even shoes!), trying to take the covers off the electrical sockets, or just climbing on top on of unstable surfaces like tiny mischief machines when they’re bored. While they might be appeased by a few stacks, a ball or perhaps a racetrack, it’s nice to change it up a bit and keep things interesting.

  1. The Magical Scarf Box: Fill up an empty tissue with several scarfs tied together by their ends, and encourage your child to pull them out.
  2. Peek-a-boo: Playing peek-a-boo is not only fun, but it also encourages social development, gross motor skills as well as visual skills development. There are so many ways to play this wonderful game; you can hide your face or their toys. Once they are able to grasp the concept, encourage them to do the hiding!
  3. Stacking/Nesting Toys:These toys hit on many important skills for the baby like Visual Perception, Fine Motor Skills and Creative play.
  4. Got your nose!: This is a classic, and crack all babies up! Pretend to steal your baby’s nose and put it on your own face. This is also a great way to teach them the different body parts later on.
  5. Copycat:Get your baby to copy simple movements that you make, like a simple nod, touching your ear, or wave. Or better, copy the movements that your little one makes!
  6. Puzzles:A great way to hone those fine motor skills. A baby’s visual and motor skills are developed enough by this age that they can start working on some simple puzzles. Use puzzles that have big colourful pieces and are easy to manipulate.
  7. Pushing Toys:A baby’s balance and stability can be improved with the use of pushing toys. These toys also give them the independence to try and stand, or move, own their own. When you’re choosing them, make sure to opt for one which is heavy and won’t go sliding across the room, when your baby puts their weight on it.
  8. Magic Blanket Ride:This is exactly what it sounds like. Babies at this age love to move around, so why not give them a magical ride around the room? Just plop your baby down in the middle of a blanket and gently drag the blanket around the room.
  9. Crawl and chase:A chasing game is fun at any age. Place your little one on the floor in a crawling position and chase them around the room.

Books:Reading to your baby at every age is important. At this age babies want to turn the pages themselves, board books might be very useful for this purpose. Bath books, which are made of vinyl and are easy to clean or wipe, are also a wise choice!