Published by Cindy on May 17, 2017


The first few days of rain are fun. You can stay in and cosy up with your kids and relax. But for the little one’s it gets to be a bit boring after only one day! There are filled with restless energy, and can’t even go outside to play and get rid of it. Staying in and ‘relaxing’ doesn’t sound appealing at all.

Here are a few ways you can keep the boredom away and manage to entertain your kids on a rainy day:

  1. Bake/Cook: If your kids like baking or cooking this is a sure-fire way to keep them entertained for a while. There are tonnes of exciting (and easy to make) recipes that you can find online. Cookies not only make for a yummy treat but also as excellent canvases for some decorations!
  2. Arts and Crafts:Keeping construction paper, colour pencils, glue, stickers and other craft items will save your life! Help them set up a station and make a few cards or work on their artistic masterpiece. They’ll too busy concentrating on their work to run about the house and you’ll get some much-deserved peace and quiet. You can even let them use cut-up veggies or fruits to make stamp art.
  3. Reading:If the noise slowly devolves into something that is too much for you to handle, this will help out. Give them a drink (maybe a smoothie or lemonade) and a book to read. An old favourite or something completely. This will not only entertain them but also build their vocabulary (and you will receive the gift of a silent house).
  4. Family Movie Night:Take advantage of being stuck in the house and set up a movie night. Get some freshly popped popcorn and pick something to watch. A lot of kids love watching Planet Earth videos but you can either take turns to pick a movie or go with an old favourite. Either way, enjoy some together time with your family and relax.
  5. Play dough:Kids (as well as a few adults) love the texture of play dough. If you don’t happen to have any at home, you can even look up recipes to make your own (another fun activity for the kids).
  6. Build a fort:We all know that nothing can beat being cosy inside your very own fort. Forts are the best way to entertain your toddler. Moreover, they can be a fun activity for any season and at any age.
  7. Mask-tape racetrack: Use as much free space available to make your very own race track. Using any kind of sloping surface (or any flat sturdy object propped at an angle) is a good way to make it even more exciting.

Go out and enjoy the rain:Of course, when it rains we all want to keep our kids inside so that they don’t catch a cold. But really, kids will be kids. It probably won’t do any harm to let them out (only for a little bit) to jump about and hop on some puddles.